Professional Women, Unemployment and Well-Being: An Invisible Challenge

Today, I would like to announced that my article “Unemployment and Well-Being: The Case of High-Skilled Intra-EU Mobile Women” has been published by the Social Indicators Research, and can be found at Springer.

The article focus on the experience of unemployed female high-skilled intra-EU mobile jobseekers regarding the search for employment and wellbeing as part of labour market integration. The paper advocate for the creation of work-placement programs as a “path to employment” tailored to female high-skilled intra-EU mobile jobseekers and the inclusion of psycho-social assistance through counselling and peer-support groups within standing employment services for jobseekers.

I take this opportunity, to thank all of those who supported this research endeavour, in particular the respondents.  In addition, would like to wish much success to all initiatives aimed at supporting high-skilled migrants and refugees to integrate into the labour market, as well as those of career returns.