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Opportunities and Challenges on the Path of Labour Market Integration – The Case of Professional Women on the Move in Europe

18 October 2019 (9:00-13:00), Brussels

Major European capitals continue to attract a growing number of highly skilled[1]professionals, considered by major stakeholders as a critical element in the success of the EU economy particularly in an increasingly competitive global market for talent, innovation and economic growth in the European Union. However, despite long-standing academic credentials and work experience, professional women on the move[2]may face many difficulties in re-entering the labour market, including periods of unemployment and deskilling in the host country[3]. Moreover, despite valuable and extensive literature on intra-EU mobility and international migration, little attention has been paid to the particular challenges of integration of professional women in the EU labour market. There is, therefore, a knowledge gap which may contribute towards unfair ideas and stereotypes about a perceived life of privilege associated with the experiences of professional women on the move while rendering their pleas invisible to policymakers, potential employers and other social actors.

Assumptions, of endless opportunities for international career advancement or a life of privilege based on a deliberate withdrawal from the labour market, seems to dominate the discourse on professional women on the move in contrast to the literature on migrant women. As a result, stakeholders may be missing an opportunity to learn important lessons, and to address on-going issues related to underutilization of talent and skills generated by mismatches in the labour market, along with social problems (eg., unemployment, well-being, etc.). As a contribution to the discussion, this seminar meeting will bring forward a “snapshot” of experiences, concerns, and voices of professional women on the move. It will showcase examples of promising practices of new pathways to labour market integration and collaboration as a starting point. Discussions, therefore, will focus on the experience of professional women on the move, particularly in the context of intra-EU mobility, gender equality, and labour market integration from the perspective of movers and practitioners.

If you wish to participate and contribute in an exchange of views on this subject, please see below information on registration. This event has the support of WeWork[4].


8:45    Registration

9:00    Welcome 

9:05     Setting the Stage: What do we know about professional women on the move in the EU?

Jarka Devine Mildorf, Social Scientist and Gender Equality Specialist, EU diplomatic spouses as tied migrants, the challenge to maintain job and independence

Anelise Gomes de Araujo, Migration Specialist & Here we are Belgium Focal Point, Networking, employment services, and information: Key findings from the survey on intra-EU mobility of female highly-skilled workers


10:15-10:30 Coffee break

10:30   Practice: What is available in support of professional women on the move? What practices do we know that could be adapted to serve this group?

VerenaHeingärtner, Co-founder VIE LESA, Vienna Local Expatriate Spouse Association, Austria

Kavitha Varathan, Founder & CEO, Expat Spouses Initiative, The Netherlands

Francesca Crivellaro, Project Manager, EUmentorSTEM, Erasmus+ Programme, Italy

Natália Leal, Coach & Trainer, The Netherlands

Jesse Colzani, Legal & Partnership Officer, The Good Lobby, Belgium

Karen Larsen, Co-founder, Thagaconnect, Denmark


12:45  Ways Forward: where do we go from here?

13:00  Closing

Technical Note

The event will be held in English, and no admission fee is required. There is no supporting administration procedure (i.e., letter of invitation) or funding for participation.

Registration is obligatory, and only those who registered and receive a confirmation will be able to attend given the limitation on the number of participants. Please feel free to disseminate this information to those in your network who might be interested in joining the discussion.


Please send below information until 16 October 2019 to

Name, affiliation, e-mail and webpage



[1]According to OECD, 2009 highly skilled migrants are defined as migrants who “have at least tertiary education, but other definitions are possible, notably on the basis of the nature of the occupation in which they are employed. One practical way of defining highly skilled migrants that have been used in some countries is by means of wages paid, with the highly skilled consisting of persons earning above a threshold value”.

[2]EU citizens and third-country nationals

[3]See works by Ankers, Iredale, Kofman, Raghuram, Riaño, and Zulauf.

[4]Thanks to the support of WeWork by providing the venue which enables this event to take place.