Survey Mobility-Highly Skilled

The SURVEY ON MOBILITY OF HIGHLY SKILLED FEMALE EU CITIZENS IN THE EUROPEAN UNION is now CLOSED. Thanks for all those who have supported this research initiative with your valuable time and responses. Results will be reported in due time.


Major EU capitals are hubs for highly skilled female EU citizens, who enjoy one of the fundamental provisions in the European Union – the freedom of movement of persons. For a segment of female EU citizens, intra-EU mobility has led to successful careers and fulfilling life paths, while others – despite their high level of professional skills and relevant work experience – face difficulties in re-entering the labour market and periods of unemployment and de-skilling. Despite extensive research in the field of migration, including intra-EU mobility, not much is known about the experiences of these highly skilled mobile women. This insight serves as a catalyst in launching this survey on highly skilled women and mobility in the European Union as part of a research initiative.

The focus of the survey is on the professional mobility experience of three groups of highly skilled women – jobseekers, employed persons, or self-employed/ entrepreneurs – who have moved within the EU and their integration into the labour market. Among the issues covered by the survey are: background information (e.g., citizenship, age, language, country of residence, education and professional background); experience of intra-EU mobility; employment status; strategies used to seek/gain employment; and availability support services.  This survey is aligned to a research and the objectives of this webpage, which aims at collaboration, gathering and sharing of information compiling evidence of the challenges and opportunities for professionally mobile women on labour market issues related to this. Your answers will provide this researcher with valuable insights giving an opportunity to understand common challenges and successful strategies in accessing the labour market with respect to intra-EU mobility. The survey is anonymous and data will be treated in accordance to research standards. In order to guarantee the data confidentiality standards, the data will be held by the researcher.Your individual responses will be confidential, identifying information such as your name, email address or IP address will not be collected. This survey is carried out using a SurveyMonkey program. An analysis of the results and conclusions will be published on this website in due date. I kindly request the participation of the following professionals:

·      Women;
·      EU citizens;
·      Highly skilled (i.e., university graduate – have a tertiary education);
·      Have moved to another EU Member States;
·      Jobseeker, employed persons or self-employed/entrepreneurs.

* If you do not match the profile, please do not answer this survey!!!

The questionnaire will take approximately 25-30 minutes to fill in. Please click on the relevant link below to answer the survey.

I look forward to receiving your responses and sharing the results of this work with you through this website and beyond.

Thank you in advance for your time, support and contribution to this initiative.


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